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  • Jill Hall

    Hi all,

    Do any of you charge your "Friends of..." or Advisory Council to use space in your center to run their programs? If you do, can you contact me at 303-791-2416 so I can ask you more questions?


    Jill Hall


  • CR

    We are opening a brand new senior center and are looking for ideas/advice on how to attract seniors to the site. Any ideas or suggestions would be great. Thank you so much! Email: christy@acmow.org 

  • Jill Hall

    Hi Christy,

    Did you get any advice? We too are opening a new center and are facing the same dilemma. If you have any suggestions to share, I would welcome them.

    We started by selling "inaugural Memberships" that came with a special pin, a unique key fob, a discount off next year's membership fee and an invitation to a pre-opening celebration for the center. This way they will always be known as one of the first members of the new center. We had 250 people sign up in the first 3 weeks. 

    Good luck with your new center,


    Jill Hall

    NISC Chair

  • Jill Hall

    Has anyone used Encore's Bounce 2 Motivate Class I vinyl floor in their exercise rooms? We are trying to decide between a traditional wood floor or this vinyl product (with 5mm foam underneath). Any feedback would be appreciated.

  • Deanna Jones

    I'm looking for examples or templates from senior center state associations.    If you have a state association, please share your mission/vision, board job description, and if you have a staff member, the staff job description.  Thank you very much. djones@thompsonseniorcenter.org 

  • MS

    Is there a database for grant opportunities regarding modernizing senior centers?