Senior Center Summit: Reframing Aging Roundtable

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Join us for a fun and interactive summit where we look at how we communicate about senior centers. We will provide information, resources, examples, and activities that you can use to enhance the image of your center and be an agent of change in combatting ageism in your community.

In this session, participants will be able to: 

1. Explore and overcome challenges of senior centers.
2. Share and discuss ways to reframe aging.
3. Gain insight from other experiences and incorporate in your practice. 


Dianne Stone (Moderator)

Associate Director of Network Development and Engagement, Modernizing Senior Centers Resource Center and NISC

National Council on Aging

Dianne Stone has more than 20 years of experience with senior centers and aging issues, primarily as the Director of the Newington Senior and Disabled Center in Newington, Connecticut. Stone has also worked, volunteered, and held leadership positions with a variety of organizations in Connecticut, including Connecticut AgeWell Collaborative, the ADA Coalition of Connecticut, Connecticut Medicaid Oversight Council, and the Commission on Women, Children, Seniors, Equity and Opportunity. She joined NCOA in January 2022, as a member of the Center for Healthy Aging, where she is primarily focused on supporting senior centers throughout the country through the ACL-funded Modernizing Senior Centers Resource Center and NISC. 

Hannah Albers

Program Director

National Center to Reframe Aging

Hannah Albers is Program Director of the National Center to Reframe Aging, led by the The Gerontological Society of America on behalf of ten leading aging organizations. She is trained as a facilitator of the reframing aging principles. Hannah’s passion for bolstering the supports needed to create communities in which all of us can thrive is what drives her work in aging services and her enthusiasm for the reframing ageing principals. Hannah is excited to bring her skills of group facilitation, strategic planning, grant and board management, and process improvement to the National Center as it continues in its mission, grows its reach, deepens its engagement, and work towards sustainability. Hannah graduated from Valparaiso University with a degree in International Business and Global Service.

Claire M. Côté

Field Representative

Connecticut State Unit on Aging (SUA)

Claire’s career as an advocate and human services professional spans over two decades in Connecticut in both the private and public sectors.  Prior to coming to the State Unit on Aging in September of 2019, she worked within municipal senior and social services and oversaw a Senior Center where she saw many programs and services supported by the Older Americans Act “in action”.  Claire became a FrameWorks Institute-certified Reframing Aging Facilitator in early 2020. She continues to support access, education, empowerment and supported living and she loves celebrating aging in her professional work at the state level…now, with a “Reframing” twist! 

Donya Currie

Senior Editor, NCOA

National Council on Aging

Donya Currie is a journalist, writer, editor, and content strategist who brings a passion for social justice and equity to her work at NCOA. She has decades of experience covering health and public health as well as expertise in helping other tell their powerful personal stories.


Webinar: How to Influence and Reframe Aging
12/11/2023 at 3:05 PM (EST)  |  60 minutes
12/11/2023 at 3:05 PM (EST)  |  60 minutes Join us for this session to introduce you to the role and challenges of senior centers and how anyone can be an influencer.
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