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Self-Directed Walk with Ease Portal Demo

Are you interested in learning more about the Osteoarthritis Action Alliance's Walk With Ease portal?  This cost-effective and efficient tool can help you reach more people with the Arthritis Foundation's self-directed version of the Walk With Ease program.

Serena Weisner

Director of Community Programs

Osteoarthritis Action Alliance

Serena Weisner is a Gerontologist dedicated to helping communities and organizations support healthy aging through evidence-based programs and services.  Ms. Weisner has spent nearly 20 years building a career that combines two of her passions – health and aging.  She has had the opportunity to work as a Senior Program Associate for the National Council on Aging, a Project Director for the North Carolina Division of Aging and Adult Services, and the Principal Program Specialist for Health and Aging at the Atlanta Regional Commission.  Each position has allowed her to learn more about what makes programs and services successful, especially with regard to evidence-based programs.  Along the way, she has secured and managed millions of dollars in federal and private funding, as well as established processes, procedures and strategic plans that have continued to be used by her successors.  Ms. Weisner is currently a freelance consultant working with select clients to increase the reach of evidence-based programs.


Self-Directed Walk with Ease Portal Demo
Recorded 01/14/2022
Recorded 01/14/2022